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Not a drill. To keep our current scholarship model, we need your help.

Published about 1 month ago • 1 min read

Since launching our scholarship program in 2022, Wicked Grounds has awarded over 600 scholarship seats to our classes and workshops.

We will find a way to keep doing this, but we're facing a potentially radical restructuring of the program.

Up to this point, we've had earmarked seats available to award new requests for seats, no questions asked. We've never yet turned down a scholarship seat request.

We're starting to give out scholarships that haven't been funded yet, in part because I haven't reached out to the community with a scholarship-focused fundraiser since last fall. Needless to say, this isn't sustainable.

We will be able to give away some scholarship seats each month; some of our Patreon subscribers have earmarked their contributions to the fund. However, we won't be able to keep giving out all the scholarships that are requested without topping up the funds, and many requests will need to be turned down.

I want to make a large, multi-seat contribution!

Thank you! Be sure to note your contribution is for the scholarship fund:

Want your gift to have even more impact? Let's talk about doing "matching funds," NPR style. Just reply to this email.

I want to buy a seat or two

You can use the channels above, or just get some seats through our website:

I want to keep this program going long-term. Please let us know that we can do that safely, with your support.



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