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This week at Wicked Grounds (5/16 - 5/26)

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Howdy kinksters -

We have a lot of fun things coming up this weekend! If you're in the SF Bay Area, we have a very special half-day sensual service intensive with traveling instructor Lady V. I'll be there. Will you?

It's come to our attention that it's Masturbation May, and we are here to help! For the rest of this month, get 15% off all our good vibrations with code (you guessed it) " masturbationmay" at checkout.

I want to thank everyone for your enormous act of support last week. With your help, we were able to get one of our biggest cafe debts completely settled, which will significantly improve our ability to stay focused where it needs to be: on delivering the highest-quality education and information for kinksters. Anything else we get will be put toward aggressively paying down the last big cafe debt. If you'd like to contribute to that, you can find the fundraiser still open here.

Read on for an update on this week's events!

Events Roundup!

Thinking ahead

Ever struggled with feelings of being "too" much this or "not enough" that as you explore your queer identity? Believe it or not, this is very common and most of us have been there! Join us in June for Stepping Into Pride a six-week online workshop to develop our own personal values, goals and identities within the LGBTQ+ community.

We've also just set the dates for our fall Diving Deep cohort, and early ticketing is open now. Find out more here.

Thursday, May 16

Many of us have heard about the concept of "love languages," but these don't always fit well for those of us in non-monogamous, kinky or other alternative relationships. Lee Harrington comes to the rescue in a new class, Love Languages for Alternative Relationships. Join us at 6pm Pacific online to learn more about how to identify the ways you give and receive love, in ways that are true to our unique relationship styles. Get your advance tickets on Forbidden Tickets or Plura.

Saturday, May 18

Girl, can you even walk in those shoes?! Well . . . now you can! Folks of all genders who want to walk and dance with confidence in high heels are warmly welcomed to join us in San Francisco for High Heels 101 with Alexandria from Click Your Heels.. We'll meet from 11 am - 1 pm at the Folsom Street Community Center. Get your tickets on Forbidden Tickets or Plura, or try to get space-available tickets at the door if we don't sell out.

Sunday, May 19

Interested in service? Join us for a special afternoon two-part class at our space in downtown San Francisco. Lady V brings her teaching tour to San Francisco with Sensually Seductive Service, a special all-afternoon workshop. Join us for two workshops focusing on the art of integrating protocols, rituals, & service into your life & dynamics! Get your advance tickets on Forbidden Tickets or Plura.

Monday, May 20

Join us online tonight at 6pm Pacific for the core Wicked Grounds Kink 101 class, BDSM Negotiation Basics. We explore core concepts in consent, collaborative negotiation, and how to stay connected and communicating throughout all parts of your negotiation, play, and aftercare. Advance ticketing required. Get yours on Forbidden Tickets or Plura.

Tuesday, May 21

Calling all aspiring rope-lovers in San Francisco! Getting Started with Rope Bondage with Psychokitty Ryan is back! Join us at 7pm at Stopgap to learn the ropes! Advance ticketing required. You may get yours on Forbidden Tickets or Plura. We have an order of rope on the way so that you can get yours on site, but supplies will be limited. Arrive early for the best selection!

Not in San Francisco? Don't fret! Miss Mackenzee will offer Quick Bondage for Subduing your Play Partner with us online on Monday, May 27. Find out more about that class here.

Wednesday, May 22

Need inspiration for creative scenes? Want to get unearth subconscious insights into your kink proclivities? Why not ask the cards? Join us tonight at 6pm Pacific for Spicy Tarot with H G Wyndell, in which we'll explore the ways a deck of cards can help us with all of the pressing, sexy questions. Advance ticketing required. Get yours on Forbidden Tickets or Plura.

Thursday, May 23

The relationship escalator. Useful tool? Relationship barrier? Hindrance to authentic connection? There are a lot of ways the one-true model of relationship development can get in our way as kinksters and sexual adventurers. Let's talk about it. Join us tonight at 6pm Pacific for Unfuck Your Relationship Escalator: (Re)Building Healthy Relationship Foundations with Lilith Foxx. Advance ticketing required. Get yours on Forbidden Tickets or Plura.

Friday, May 24

Planning for your next kink adventures? Coaching and consulting can help! Learn more about Wicked Grounds' coaching sessions or book with Miriam Green here.

Saturday, May 25

We don't have any live classes today, but you can always attend our original Diving Deep: Discovering & Voicing Your Kink Desires class online to watch at your own convenience. Get your copy here!

Sunday, May 26

Join us online at 2pm Pacific for Just Drop a Little: Ageplay & Hypnosis with HypnoStory & PandaPet. Advance ticketing required. Get yours on Forbidden Tickets or Plura.

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