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Wicked Grounds Full Class Roster (updated 2/13/24)

Published 2 months ago • 3 min read

Lots of new classes and ways to engage with kink here!

Wicked Grounds released a new video class for digital download this week! Private Joy: Sadomasochism for Solo & Distance Play can now be purchased and downloaded here for you to take any time at your own convenience.

Need personal coaching & guidance? You can always reach out for consulting at

The Roundup!

Multi-week Intensives


Self-Directed Digital Downloads

S/m & the physical side of play

Bondage & Fetish

Sexy times

D/s & the mental side of play

Erotic Hypnosis

Self-knowledge, negotiation & consent

Community: Friends, dating, relationships & kink culture!

Polyamory & Ethical Non-Monogamy

Life Stuff, wellness & adulting for kinksters

Magick & Occult (with Magickal Crossroads)

Wicked Musings

Wicked Grounds: Kink Community. Everywhere.

We are a queer-centered educational and community building space for sex-positive adult education, including relationships, dating, BDSM, kinky, polyamory and more. Posts mostly written by Mir (that dude in the chair) on behalf of the Wicked Grounds team. Welcome aboard!

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Read on below for a wide variety of classes and educational resources from Wicked Grounds! We are actively collecting toward 2024 scholarships right now. If you'd like to be part of it, please use this link to pay it forward or reach out if you'd like to make a larger donation. Want to take a lot of classes? Consider investing in a monthly event pass. Need personal coaching & guidance for those sticky issues around sex, kink and relationships? You can always reach out for one-time or ongoing...

about 3 hours ago • 3 min read

Did you miss last week's Dom/sub Dynamics Virtual Summit? The Summit included 7,000 attendees, 40 presentations, and a wide range of other resources for kinksters. I particularly loved being at a summit alongside Midori, Sunny Megatron, Marla Renee Stewart, and several other favorite instructors. If you missed it, it's not too late to make use of this valuable library of D/s resources, with an (all too rare) focus on advanced material for grounded, real-life D/s dynamics. You can get instant...

about 15 hours ago • 1 min read

Since launching our scholarship program in 2022, Wicked Grounds has awarded over 600 scholarship seats to our classes and workshops. We will find a way to keep doing this, but we're facing a potentially radical restructuring of the program. Up to this point, we've had earmarked seats available to award new requests for seats, no questions asked. We've never yet turned down a scholarship seat request. We're starting to give out scholarships that haven't been funded yet, in part because I...

4 days ago • 1 min read
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