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Hello Kinksters -

I had the great pleasure of begin interviewed a couple of weeks back by Greg, a delightful member of our local community. We talked about navigating the kink scene, my own long journey in kink, and why the heck I'm so into woo. Want to listen? You can find the interview on Spotify here.

This week has been filled with deep explorations for me, personally and professionally. My deepest thanks to the folks who participated in last week's class on older kinksters in the scene and to our new Diving Deep cohort. Your questions keep me thinking and exploring, and it's that spirit of beginner's mind that I think is the most important thing in kink.

Late registration for Diving Deep: Discovering & Voicing Erotic Desires closes today, and our first live interactive session meets this Sunday. It's not too late to join us! Get your spot for this six-week workshop here.

As you may have seen, we released a new digital download this week! Private Joy: Sadomasochism for Solo & Distance Play is now available for download at

Speaking of websites, we're in the last phases of a major update to to better serve our community and provide a better experience for online shopping. Please pardon our dust if you encounter any minor disruptions to access next week.

Read on for an update on this week's events!

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Events Roundup!

Saturday, February 24

Join us in San Francisco for the return of Caning: From Sensual to Sadistic with Miriam Green and impossiblepain. (This was the last class Wicked Grounds offered before lockdown in 2020, and we haven't had it since!) In this fun, interactive class you'll learn all about caning: how to select your tools, what they feel like, how to construct a scene, and all the basic techniques around how to wield these unique impact toys. Join us at the Folsom Street Community Center at 2pm PDT. Advance ticketing strongly encouraged. Get yours here!

Sunday, February 25

Join us online at 11am PDT for Autism & Kink with UK kink instructor John Pendal. If you're neurodivergent, love someone who is, or just want to create better and more inclusive kink spaces for neurotypical and neurospicy folks alike, please join us for this online class. Details & ticketing here.

Erotic hypnosis offers tools for a wide variety of BDSM styles. Join Hypnostory and Pandapet at 2pm PDT to learn all about them in Erotic Hypnosis: Fun Games and Dirty Tricks. Advance ticketing required. Get yours here!

Monday, February 26

It’s time to shift the focus from the person getting their cock sucked to the person putting in the work, the giver! Tonight's class with Miss Mackenzee -- Love What You Do: Oral Pleasure for Cocks -- gives all the tips and tricks to give and receive pleasure from fellatio. Join us at 6pm Pacific for this online class. Details & ticketing here.

Tuesday, February 27

The best way to get the most out of your next year in kink is to review the last one. Join Sinclair Sexsmith online tonight for Your Year in Kink to do just that. This online class starts at 6pm Pacific. Details & ticketing here.

Wednesday, February 28

If you're interested in the intersection of kink and woo like I am, you'll want to make time for Wednesday evening's class with HG Wyndell. In Invisible Toybox, we will learn techniques for manipulating energy, and briefly discuss the ethics of energy play, and ways to incorporate energy into BDSM, for connection, play, and intimacy. Join us online at 6pm Pacific! Details & ticketing here.

Thursday, February 29

Kink as an embodied skill requires us to include all of our bodies and their abilities. Join us tonight for an important discussion on Disability, Chronic Pain, and BDSM with Nyx Lunaea. This class meets online at 6pm via Zoom. Details & ticketing here.

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