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A Friday morning fundraising update with positive news on several fronts.

Published about 1 month ago • 1 min read

Many of you have already seen that we're fundraising in an outrageous attempt to retire the next big chunk of our cafe debt and get beyond our periodic budget panics. (Some of you may not have seen it yet; you can find my first email here.)

As of this morning, I have two updates!

For the first: we're past the $12k mark, which is phenomenal.

For the second: our attorney isn't sure about pulling off a $9k offer to get this huge chunk settled, but thinks they might be able to get an agreement for a $13k offer, so long as we have the funds on hand to get it done. Anything we can get above and beyond this will go toward getting our final, smaller cafe loan paid down.

If you'd like to give on GoFundMe, click here. Every contribution matters.

Often, when we do this kind of thing, some folks want to make a difference but don't love fundraising platforms like GFM. That's okay! And to pull this off we'll need some cushion and some decent sales this weekend overall.

If you'd like to help in other ways, here's the rundown:

Direct contributions

I want to buy something!

Together, we are accomplishing great things. Let's keep it going today!

With gratitude,


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